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BigBlocksTM interlocking concrete blocks for retaining and bulk storage solutions


BigBlocksTM concrete blocks allow for complete interlocking of any wall two blocks or more high. BigBlocksTM concrete blocks enable your structure to be added to or modified easily in the future allowing design flexibility. The BigBlocksTM concrete  block system is available in three sizes, small, standard and large as shown below.



Small  Block

Length = 550

Width = 550

Height = 800

Mass = 550kg

Wall area 0.44m2

NZ REG DES 408421



Standard Block

Length = 1100

Width = 550

Height = 800

Mass 1,100kg

Wall area 0.88m2

NZ REG DES 408422



Large Block

Length = 1650

Width = 550

Height = 800

Mass 1,650kg

Wall area 1.32m2

NZ REG DES 4084232

Available in Flat Top Block also


Standard Forklift Rebate Block




concrete block are available in three sizes to allow for complete interlocking as shown below


The BigBlocksTM interlocking concrete block system comes in three sizes; small, standard and large. These sizes allow for  complete interlocking of any wall two blocks or higher. Most construction uses the standard size but small and large blocks are also available. The small and large  blocks are used to interlock corners and finish end walls.



BigBlocksTM concrete blocks are positioned with "gravity type" scissor lifters for safety and reliability. As the concrete is recycled and has no specific strength the use of precast lifters would be dangerous (they can also be damaged during block placement making future lifting dangerous). A loan lifter can usually be provided. All our lifters are certified and tagged.


BigBlocksTM concrete blocks can (on request) be made with "swift lift" lifting inserts. In these cases we manufacture the blocks with virgin certified concrete.



The interlocking pattern is simple with enough tolerance to allow fast installation. Blocks with overly complicated systems of interlocking can become very difficult to install costing time and money.



Many of our customers provide their own freight and place there own BigBlocksTM blocks, its that easy!. Most farm machinery can lift the blocks without any problem. Alternatively blocks can be positioned with a hi-ab truck. If you wish we can provide you with contact details for companies familiar with our product, who can provide freight and / or installation of the blocks.



If required a bead of silicone during installation will provide a waterproof seal preventing moisture ingress.


BigBlock block placement

Now supplied with reinforcement ducts.

For engineered solutions reinforcement can be passed vertically through 80mm diameter ducts formed in the BigBlocksTM concrete blocks at each interlocking point (550mm ctrs). This allows the wall to act as one engineered structure.

BigBlocksTM blocks can be positioned over starters can cast into a concrete footing and as the rest of the wall is built additional reinforcement can be tied into place and grouted once the wall is complete. Reinforcement is usually only required for very high walls or walls carrying a surcharge load

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