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BigBlocksTM interlocking concrete blocks for retaining and bulk storage solutions

How many BigBlocksTM concrete blocks will you need ?


It's very simple to calculate the number of BigBlocksTM blocks required. As the standard BigBlocksTM concrete blocks are 1.1m long round the length of wall required up or down to the nearest block multiple (1.1m).


The wall show on the left of your screen is 3.3m long (3 standard blocks).

For the second level deduct 1 standard block but add a small block to finish the end neatly (2 standard blocks & 1 small block).

If your still struggling, give us a call and we will provide a free layout in 3D showing a layout arrangement for each level and the total number of blocks required for the project, no charge! or if you prefer, download our Google SketchUp model and have a go yourself.


As a “rule of thumb” divide the wall area required by a factor of 0.88 for a rough guide to the number of blocks required.

For example 30m2 = 34 blocks (30 / 0.88)

BigBlock block quantities

Download our Google SketchUp Model and design & build your own bin, retaining wall or anything else you can think of!


Our model has all the components already drawn. You can see how the three different block sizes can be used. just pull it apart, add on or start again, when you have designed what you need, email the file through to us here for a free quote.

Its free and really easy so get started!

Haven’t got Google SketchUp? download for free (Mac or PC) from Googles site here

Download our free model here to get you started


BigBlock block model

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